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One Fellowship Drive The Woodlands, TX 77384
Phone: 281-367-1900

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Woodlands Church

NS on January 28, 2016
Woodlands Church is a place I feel at home. I look forward to the weekends because their Saturday evening church services are my time to go and worship and hear the true word of God. The welcoming and comfortable environment make the Woodlands Church a place that I crave to go to! Woodlands Church is my church home and I encourage people from all walks of life to see if this is a place that they could call home too.

Maude Gorman on October 13, 2015
Wow! Our family love what God is doing through this church. It was also very important for us to find a church where both of our teenage girls would feel comfortable and they do! We moved here from California and finding a church where we would all fit in was and is very important to us. We are so glad that God provided Woodlands Church for us to attend and grow as a family.

Woodlands Church on March 12, 2015
I simply LOVE Woodlands Church. I've been attending since 1995, easy to remember as it's the year my daughter was born (she's now 19!). I stepped in as a disillusioned lost disbeliever. 3 weeks later I accepted Christ and Woodlands Church has been my "home" ever since. The Church has helped save my marriage, connected me with life long friends who feel like the best family and continually helps my relationship with Christ flourish. Pastor Kerry is the best speaker I've ever met! It's been a pleasure to be part of something great, to witness the growth from a small church of 300 to now a mega church of thousands. Woodlands Church provides relevant, entertaining guidance, helps keep me motivated and plugged in.

Shawna Berger on January 29, 2015
I have been "going" to church since I was born ( a long time lol) I have been to Second Baptist, First Baptist, Lakewood, Methodist,....you name it. In fact Lakewood (which I love) I really thought was MY church...THE church. Then January 24, 2015 a friend of my boyfriends invited us to WC - thinking it was the service with Duck Dynasty members doing the service. Having a 10 yr old son, I begrudgingly made the trip from Katy to The Woodlands. That day I honestly believe will be the day of miraculous change in my life, my boyfriend's life and my son's. The message by Kerry Shook touched a place in our hearts and we IMMEDIATELY knew....WC WAS OUR CHURCH! We attended the Member's Class last night - January 28, 2015 and we could not be more excited about our new journey with our new church family. Thank You WC and thank you Pastor Shook!

Christy & John Conley on December 12, 2014
As a new couple, three years ago, we looked at many churches to find where we felt we belonged. At that time, we had a foundation of faith but had been out of church for quite a while. We both struggled with relationship issues and a hurtful past. Neither one of us was where we wanted to be with God and wasn't completely sure how to get there. The very first time we visited The Woodland's Church, I knew I'd found my church home and became a member. Since, Pastor Kerry has helped to guide us back to a closer relationship with Christ and even though no one is perfect, we have learned to communicate with each other in a way that has enhanced our marriage to a closeness which grows each day and we work daily to be the way Christ wants us to be not just in our relationship, but all aspects of life. I volunteer with the Small World and get so much enjoyment from the kiddos there. What a blessing to have this church family! This church has so much teaching for everyone with a sense of humor mixed in. We just love The Woodland's Church!

Lisa Butrick Marti on November 23, 2014
If you are looking for a new Church home then let me suggest visiting The Woodlands Church. We have three campus': The Woodlands, Atascosita, and Tomball. It's a wonderful place to worship, learn and serve alongside Christian Brothers and Sisters. I serve in the Children's Ministry, Host a Women's small group, attend a Family Small Group, and have a teen that's involved in the Student Ministry. There are wonderful opportunities to be connected to other Christians with a passion to worship and serve Jesus Christ.

Randy Conrad on November 14, 2014
Woodland's Church Atascocita Campus has been such a blessing for me and my family. They are very quick to get people plugged in if they desire to do more than just attend. Seem to find creative ways that pull in the surrounding community. And, they have always been very welcoming to new believers, both at the main and Atascocita campus. Lastly, I am very excited about the newly announced seminary. I hope that some of the classes will be offered at both locations, and that I will have time to go. May God continue to bless my churches Leadership with Wisdom and discernment. To stay on course, and not be tossed about by every wind of doctrine. Eph 4:14

Tina Meyers on November 12, 2014
The Woodland's Church offers members and visitors opportunity to share Gods love locally and world wide. The church also offers a pastor who speaks from the heart and is able to apply Biblical knowledge and words to everyday life. What an amazing church to be a part of.