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Shawnee KS

Volunteer (unpaid) Advisory Board Roles & Responsibilities (as of Aug 17, 2018)

Purpose of Advisory Board:

• Provide an opportunity for individuals in the for-profit industry who want to get involved and use their professional skillset to help those in need

• Build a relationship with individuals passionate about helping the needy

• Provides additional credibility on grant requests



• Active Christian in their local church – active meaning regular attendee and involved in some way other than just attending (small group, bible study, ministry team, etc)

• Must agree and be able to support Moneytalk’s approach to serving clients

• Complete discussion with Teresa McGarry & Volunteer Application on website

• Complete on-boarding process – Closer Look Demo Workshop is one step


Roles & Responsibilities:

• Assist non-profit organization and board as appropriate in your area of expertise – advice, notify of legal changes, new products, industry changes, etc

• Review workbook(s) related to your area of expertise as available

• Assist in promoting non-profit – Facebook and LinkedIn posts (like, comment, share), Fundraising events

• Attend 2 training sessions per year

• Open and read all newsletters


• Volunteer behind the scenes, at events, during workshops

• Volunteer instructor for workshops in your area of expertise

• Guest speaker during workshops on your area of expertise

• Contact business connections regarding the non-profit, sponsor opportunities, community service opportunities, fundraisers, etc

• Contact friends, family, and other connections regarding non-profit opportunities to get involved as appropriate

• Write short articles (with credit) to be included in the weekly newsletters – could be tips related to your industry, general financial money management tips, encouraging stories

• Attend networking events to promote MTFF – Chamber of Commerce members, other groups

• Attend board meetings as available

• Sponsor or donate as feasible

• Other suggestions welcome

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