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Profile of an effective Cashier/Greet/Seat/Phone/Server Backup person at THE DINER: 10/17

This is not meant to necessarily be a complete list as there are other items not on this list.

Respects directives and objectives of the owners and Supervisors of THE DINER, working and demonstrating continually in all ways that the following items are critical to how the customers and prospective customers feel about THE DINER and hence are critical to the profitability, growth and success of THE DINER and Every employee/stakeholder of THE DINER.

Our goal for every associate is Guest Astonishment, which begins with the people and supervision at the front end!

Regarding cell phones, personal music, computers and such: They are to be turned off when you are on the clock at THE DINER, stored in your purse, car or such place out of the way. Tell people who have an emergency to call you at THE DINER on THE DINER line, only in an emergency with calls limited to one minute. If you have personal business that must interrupt, tell the supervisor or manager, clock out at a non-urgent time, take care of the matter and clock back in when the matter is taken care of. Understand that if such matters interfere with the service level of THE DINER during times people are assigned to work that the time will be unexcused absence from work.

When we are on the clock, being paid, on duty at THE DINER, we are to be focusing on, looking for work that needs to be done, setting aside personal matters and supervising same for staff that is on duty.



  1. Keep an eye on the parking lot/entrance when possible so that we can always cheerfully greet arriving customers, making them feel immediately welcome. Guest Astonishment!

  2. Leads in the seating and greeting of arriving customers, never walking away or turning away from arriving customers for any reason unless a server or manager is already greeting them and seating them. This means you must lead and set a good example for servers & other diner employees around the front end of THE DINER for being attentive to the parking lot and front door at all times. Never sit or stand idle with your back to the front door, facing or talking to other staff or doing paperwork when customers are arriving.

  3. Greet them by looking at the arriving customer (s) in the eye and sincerely saying “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Welcome to THE DINER”

  4. Knows and understands their primary responsibility is in the front end of THE DINER serving customers and maintaining the front end ready to and in preparation to serve customers. Personal issues/distractions are to be left at home/the door.

  5. Does not hang in the back for any reason or discuss other than immediately essential DINER related business. Two or more front end people on duty should NEVER be gathered away from the front end of THE DINER.

  6. Understands the dining needs and preferences of our customers.

  7. Inspects the seating prior to seating customers for cleanliness of table, seat and floor. If unsatisfactory, remedies the condition prior to seating the customer. No exceptions.

  8. Is constantly looking for cleaning and side work that needs to be done and does it. There is always something that needs cleaning like lamp globes, stainless steel, window ledges, seats & chairs, lobby, rest rooms, windows, outside tables, more.

  9. Keeps area, floors clean and swept, always picking up dustballs from floor, brooms, etc.

  10. Knows the menu and register program well.

  11. Makes sure the boards are up to date.

  12. Never gives or needs to give verbal instructions to any cook. All instructions entered in terminal, all chargeable items charged. Never preps or requests prep of any item or delivers any item to a table/customer including desserts without ringing them up first. Milkshakes, banana splits, hot fudge cake, TN Turtle, Sundaes, etc tickets to be hung on the bar before prep begins.

  13. Takes a drink order within one minute of customers being seated, assisting servers as needed without damaging the greeting, cashier responsibilities. If assigned server cannot be there right away, the person seating should normally begin or fill the drink order. Bussers, supervisors and even owners can & do help. Customers are aware of good teamwork!

  14. If assigned to a table or counter, offers to take food order when drinks are delivered or if they are not ready returns within three minutes of drinks being served.

  15. Discern whether the menu is new to the customer and help them with the organization of the menu and items on the menu after asking them what they might like to eat today.

  16. Mentions the day’s specials, soups, appetizers, etc to every customer.

  17. Confirms order with customer after taking the order.

  18. Enters food order for each ticket/table immediately after taking order.

  19. Be sure Servers check food prior to delivering food to the table. Front end people are the final check for food presentation and to be sure it meets THE DINER standards. No food is to be taken to the table that does not meet those standards. Involve a supervisor or owners if needed. Every plate has garnish, orange at breakfast, parsley for suppers/dinners, pickle for sandwiches.

  20. Watches for expediting opportunities and that all tickets are stabbed when the food is taken. Call for servers with tickets completed remaining in the pick up window.

  21. Confirms with customer they have all their order prior to leaving the table after delivering food.

  22. Checks back within three minutes after food delivered to be sure they have all they need.

  23. Checks drink refills every five minutes maximum and checks for customer satisfaction with food at this point.

  24. A problem is an opportunity to distinguish THE DINER in a good way. If the guest has a real problem with food: Obviously THE DINER does not take short cuts on food quality and prep. However mere mortals do work here (all of us included) so there will be mistakes from time to time. Be sure you understand the problem by confirming what you think you heard from the customer, then ask them what they would prefer to have done: re-cook, replace, different item then tell them you will take the problem to the supervisor/owner/kitchen and get back as quick as you can to let them know what we are doing. Take the food item to the back so management can look at it to fully understand the problem, identify if we did something wrong. We will decide the remedy as quickly as we can then make it happen.

  25. Offers desserts near the time they are finishing their food.

  26. Delivers the check to the table toward the end of the meal before and after offering desserts.

  27. Checks tables for adequate & timely service plus customer satisfaction.

  28. Treats credit cards and credit card information in total confidence and never records credit card information or keeps that information. The manager on duty or cashier will operate the credit card terminal and work with credit card information.

  29. Pre-busses as soon as the customer finishes their food and/or moves plates to table edge or away from in front of them. Always asking the customer if it is OK to take the plate/etc.

  30. Never carries more that they can carry without dropping/spilling.

  31. Operates a clean, neat and healthy front end & works hard to maintain all areas of the restaurant.

  32. Always uses a sanitizer towel directly from the bucket to wipe tables and seats, seat tops & slots, window ledges thoroughly then thoroughly wipes all surfaces again with dry towel so table and seats are thoroughly clean, dry. Sees that corner booths receive extra attention & cleaning.

  33. Knows & follows menu, preparation instructions, service times & presentation standards for all food of THE DINER.

  34. Can prepare assigned food properly to satisfaction of customers during slams working well w/other servers, cooks prep staff, management, servers at all times, especially during these times.

  35. Constantly monitors inventory and prep levels for the current shift and with later shifts in mind and works to prep AND communicate prep and purchase needs to appropriate staff and owners of THE DINER. If a stock item is low or last of an item used, writes the item on the shortages list.

  36. Weighs and portions all milkshake and other desserts in preparation.

  37. Never “knees” booth seats.

  38. Never leaves their assigned work area while they are assigned to customers or work

  39. Keeps floors, including under booths swept and free of all visible debris.

  40. Checks bathrooms periodically or sees that someone does and always clears debris on floors, sinks and in waste baskets and checks supplies when in the bathrooms.

  41. Maintains temperature & other health standards for food storage and for food being served to customers, periodically checking during the shift temperatures & health standards, reporting any & all problems to managers & owners

  42. Leaves a clean and ready front end at end of shift.

  43. Discusses opportunities to improve & problems w/management & ownership first, prior to distracting other staff (or customers and others -gossip) who do not have responsibility to make the change needed to improve.

  44. Never discusses personnel matters including compensation with any one other than the owners.

  45. Is always honest and truthful and able to pass tests regarding same.

  46. Never removes, or takes without paying for, any inventory, food, or asset of THE DINER.

  47. Is free of dependence on alcohol and free of all illegal drugs, discloses any and all prior such issues and is able to pass testing regarding same.

  48. Refrains from any and all illegal activities, is free of felony convictions, credit problems and other legal issues that do or could interfere with work and the operation of THE DINER.

  49. Refrains from use of any alcohol or drugs while on duty (or any other actions that may be detrimental to THE DINER, safety and operations of THE DINER).

  50. Looks for things to do, especially cleaning, for self and to direct other members of the front end staff.

  51. Knows & strives to comply w/THE DINER mission/philosophies & all written/verbal instructions of THE DINER and the owners of THE DINER. If instructions seem to conflict, immediately inform the owners for resolution.

  52. Demonstrates respect for and act to preserve all assets and inventory of THE DINER.

  53. Works to and assists other supervisors/managers and owners to control all expenses and food costs, suggesting improvements to minimize costs and waste and to improve revenue and profitability.

  54. Assists in the constant search for personnel who have the potential to be good employees, referring them to or providing names to management.

  55. Works constantly to improve the quality of food and service provided by THE DINER.

  56. Is cooperative with management and fellow employees.

  57. Never gossips. Disciplines others who are gossiping or involved in gossip.

  58. Assists in the training and education of other employees.

  59. Keeps commitments to owners, peers, staff and to our customers.

  60. Develops good knowledge of the job and works constantly to improve.

  61. Arrives at work on time and ready to effectively focus on the mission and work of THE DINER.

  62. Is dependable without unscheduled or unauthorized absence.

  63. Respects the person and property of coworkers and customers.

  64. Treats others as you would want to be treated.

  65. Never uses profanity.

  66. Abides by personal hygiene standards & dress code in keeping with this position and is acceptable to THE DINER.

  67. Informs owners of any and all violations of these standards at THE DINER.

  68. Finds productive work for associates during your shift, limits breaks to 10 minutes and minimizes time outside.

  69. If you can find that all of these responsibilities are fulfilled/ there is none of your work to be done, go to or call the owner, tell them you are out of work and ask what else needs to be done.

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