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Medical Assistant duties and responsibilities

Medical Assistants rely on technical skills so they understand how to use equipment to take patient vital signs. They should also be detail-oriented, as they must enter all patient data accurately in their records so doctors and insurance companies can refer to them. Medical Assistants should also have interpersonal skills so they can work with patients who may be in pain. This is a fast paced office where we strive to provide superior medical care. We treat our employees and patients like family and as such we place a high priority o individuals with a strong work ethic, enthusisam to learn and model an inclusive disposition.

Medical Assistants may perform the following duties:

·         Schedule appointments

·         Obtain blood samples

·         Perform data entry

·         Measure and record vital signs

·         Clean exam rooms

·         Answer phone calls

  •     Various other duties related to office and patient care

What does a Medical Assistant do?

Medical Assistants typically work for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities to perform administrative and clinical duties to support medical staff. They work closely with other healthcare professionals to communicate with patients and maintain patient confidentiality. Their job is to restock supplies in examination rooms, change bandages, remove stitches and perform physical examinations. They may also be responsible for accepting payment from patients and coordinating prescription refills for patients to pick up at their local pharmacy.

Medical Assistant skills and qualifications

A successful Medical Assistant candidate will know how to interact with patients and

be able to get information from those who may be in distress. They should have a

background in computers, chemistry, anatomy and biology. 

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