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Butterfield: Past, Present, & Future

The FoundationOn Wednesday, February 3rd, 1982, nineteen individuals met for prayer and Bible study at a local home here in Van Buren with hopes that this would be the beginning of a great foundation for another church in the community.
The city of Van Buren was gracious enough to allow the church to hold services in the Municipal complex while the search for land began. The current church property was purchased in the Spring of 1982 when there was nothing here but an open field.
In October 1982, after construction of the first building, services began being held in the new sanctuary/educational building. Since the area where the land was purchased was called the Butterfield addition, the name of the church became Butterfield Christian Center. It wasn’t until the Fall of 1984 when Butterfield Church became an affiliate church of the Assemblies of God denomination.  
In November of 1985, Rev. Roland & Leanna Hastie became the new Pastors of this growing church.   During the Hastie’s ministry tenure, he led the church in unity, love and respect for one another.
Between 1993 and 1997, the church had 3 pastors. Then, in 1997, Pastors Ronnie & Twana Gilmore became the new Pastors to a congregation of approximately 52 members.  
In 2001, the church began having two Sunday morning worship services to accommodate the growth. Since that time, the church has also added an additional Sunday School session as well.

During the last 13 years, Butterfield Assembly of God Church has experienced tremendous physical and spiritual growth and developed a great love for the city of Van Buren and the members of the community.   Meanwhile, an educational building was erected and additional property was purchased for the construction of a new Worship Center.  
Almost 17 years ago, Butterfield adopted the slogan, “A Safe Haven in A Troubled World . . .” taken from the scripture found in Psalm 27:5.    Since that time, Butterfield Church has become a place where the wounded can be healed, the weak can find strength and the broken can be restored.    We want to be a spiritual hospital where people can be refreshed and then revived once again by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the great commission that He has called each of us to do.
We are so delighted that God has chosen us to be a haven in this community.   Our desire is to give back to the community and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us to touch those around us.
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Pastor: Pastor Ronnie Gilmore