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Orlando, FL 32824
Work Phone: 618-918-1006
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We are Chris & KC Polk and we have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter, Kristina. We are a part of an amazing Christian based company, It Works Global. It Works is an all natural health & wellness, and skincare company. Our flagship product is the Ultimate Body Applicator better known as The Wrap, which tightens tones and firms the skin in as little as 45 minutes. We also have supplements and an essential oils line.

It Works is not only changing the lives of those who aim to become healthier, lose weight, or just feel better about themselves. But this company also helps those involved earn freedom of time, become debt free and become better stewards over their finances through its amazing business opportunity.

Should you want to become a healthier or wealthier version of yourself in this new year. Now is the time. Please contact us or take a look at our website to begin your journey to your ultimate health or wealth.

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Chris Polk 618-334-6634
KC Polk 618-918-1006

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Business Contact: KC and Chris Polk
Title: Independent Owner

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Independent Distributor

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