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As quoted on the Advocare's website:

"AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity." 

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Want to order products? Here is how you do it:

First, thank you for considering Advocare products for your health. And thank your for considering purchasing from my Advocare Microsite. Please note that products can only be purchased through an Advocare Independent Distributor (I.D.).

1. When ordering from me and setting up your own account, please make sure to use my I.D.: 140356387.

2. From this link,, click on "Shop" or use this link:

3. On the left side of the screen, click on the blue "Product Navigator" button. Or, simply click on the product links underneath the blue button, to view and select products.

4. Once a product(s) has been selected, click "Add to cart".

5. Then press the green button "Proceed to Checkout".

6. The next screen is where you will create your own account. (This is the same as creating your account for popular retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.) You will have the option of choosing amongst 4 account types. 

7. After selecting your preferred account type, enter your personal information and continue to follow the instructions as provided.

8. Once your account is created, then you are able to place an order for products.

NOTEif you have any further questions on how to set up your account, contact me at 409-599-5243 or Advocare Customer Service at 800-542-4800.

Again, thanks you for your business!

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Grace Hughes 4095995243

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Business Contact: Grace Hughes
Title: Independent Distributor

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