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165 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd Atlanta, GA 30313
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About Us

 The people at Atlanta Mission care.

They make you feel loved and wanted. 



Atlanta Mission transforms, through Christ, the lives of those facing homelessness. Our vision is to end homelessness . . . one person at a time.



Atlanta Mission has been called by God to serve the city of Atlanta.

Since its 1938 beginnings, this Christian nonprofit ministry has grown from a small soup kitchen to a multi-facility organization serving Metro Atlanta’s large homeless population. Today, Atlanta Mission provides emergency shelter, rehab and recovery services, vocational training, services, and transitional housing. We serve more than 1,000 homeless men, women, and children every day.


Atlanta Mission meets each person where they are, in their unique circumstances, to provide customized services to help them overcome the cause of their homelessness.

We believe that a relationship with Christ is the key to restoration, redemption, and sustainable change for everyone. We invest in the spiritual, personal, and professional development of people, restoring and equipping them to intentional living. We believe that in empowering and coaching people toward excellence, we impact the quality of all we do.

Various factors lead to homelessness — job loss, eviction, family tragedy, addiction, domestic violence, a major health condition, and more. The common denominator is a major crack in their life foundation. Our programs are multi-pronged and multi-layered, designed to meet people where life has led them.

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Business Contact: Bill Cox
Title: Recovery and Career development services

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