USA Mobile Drug Testing of Houston

  • USA Mobile Drug Testing of Houston
1717 Turning Basin Suite 148 Houston, TX 77029
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Drug and alcohol abuse has a devastating effect on both employees and employers.

Do you want to reduce the risks associated with drugs and alcohol use in your workplace? A comprehensive drug testing program for your Houston business offers an effective solution while increasing safety and productivity!

A drug testing program reduces risks to your business by making the workplace a safer place!

DOT & Non-DOT Comprehensive Drug Free Workplace Programs
24/7/365 On-Site Testing, Policy, DOT Compliance Manuals, Employee & Supervisor Training Programs, Drug & Breath Alcohol Testing, Employee Assistance Programs, Pre-Employment Screening, Post-Accident Testing, Random Selection Program Management and Testing, Reasonable Suspicion Testing, Follow-Up Testing, Background Screening, DNA Testing


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Business Contact: Tona Trondsen
Title: Owner

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24/7/365 We are always open.

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