Christians in Business Reaches 15,000 Subscribers!

Christians in Business, the world’s largest online Christian business directory, is celebrating a milestone of reaching 15,000+ subscribers since its launch over three years ago. A subsidiary of its parent company Kingdom Press, CIB was founded to further promote a community that fostered the growth of Christian business. While Kingdom Press opened the door to businesses and members connecting within a church congregation, CIB expanded this idea by allowing Christians all over the nation to do business together by utilizing an online business directory. This Marketplace Ministry has more resources available than ever before to reach business leaders. By supporting businesses within the congregation, the church sees itself grow as its members prosper.

 Members in the community and of your local congregation can now search for businesses operated by Christian owners. This connection is a win-win for all parties. Customers are now able to:

1. Find specials offered in their community
2. Search for job listings
3. Support the church by supporting its members
4. Show their support for Christian-owned business
5. Promote their values within the community in a practical way

 Businesses benefit from participating in CIB’s online directory, through the following tools now available through our new website.

Businesses gain new customers by reaching those they see every week in church!
Promotional Offers can now be advertised through our directory
Job Listings can be posted for businesses looking to hire Christian employees
Networking tools help businesses connect to each other.
Ethical business practices are discussed and taught through Christians in Business Roundtable Groups (

 Businesses can create a directory listing for FREE just by signing up! With over 15,000 subscribers, and more being added daily, Christian business will have a stronger network of support than ever before. CIB is proud to foster connections between church members and Christian business owners. Still early in its development, Christians in Business is excited to see congregations making a difference in their community.

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