Christians In Business Marketplace Minute ~ Battling the Resistance

Battling the Resistance

Yesterday I read these words from web guru, John Saddington.

“The resistance isn’t a man or a woman, it’s not your boss or a deadline, it’s not some evil bad guy trying to keep you from your goals. The resistance is internal, something inside your gut that tells you to quit. It’s a deeply personal battle, but it’s one that you must win.”

If you are like me, there are times when you give in to the resistance.

Time for your workout . . . you opt for the couch instead. The book you dreamed of writing . . . still ink in the pen. The moments you intended to spend with your kids . . . robbed by television.

Recognize the resistance. It isn’t coming from someone who is out to defeat you. It comes from within, and it is a battle you must win.



Which area of your life is the resistance the strongest?

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