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Motivation:  Focus on the Finish

Over the years, one of the places I have watched my motivation go up and down is in the area of fitness. Exercise and nutrition provide us with a powerful reminder that Motivation Leaks. There is nowhere I have found this to be more true than in the middle of a marathon.

I have been crazy enough to step to the line several times over the past few years, and not once have I been able to prevent my motivation from waning at some point during each race.

When motivation fades, and it always does (whether you are running a race, working on a relationship, or trying to lead a team), the most powerful thing you can do is to focus on the finish.

More times than not, there is a greater reward awaiting if you will stay the course.Remember your “Why?” 

Whenever you hit one of those bad patches, think back to your WHY and remember yourWHO and you will be shocked at how much easier it becomes to push through the pain and finish the race.



What area of your life do you find it most difficult to stay motivated?

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