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Mt Horeb United Methodist Church
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There are few facts known about the first Mt. Horeb church. It probably was one of the first churches built in this community during the late 1700’s or early 1800’s. The information that we do know has been handed down through generations of members. The first church was about one mile west of the present church on land now owned by Mr. Thomas S. Harmon, and about one hundred yards northwest of his home.

After the Civil War, in 1856, the people built a church near Providence School. In 1868, a committee met at Providence and was ordered to sell the church. From 1858 until about 1890 the members met with Providence Church and other churches in the area. Brush arbors and camp meetings were popular in the community. Some of these members then organized and built a “New Horeb” on a plot donated by Mr. John Fox. The Rev. Isaac Stone, grandfather of many present members of the George family, was one of the leaders in organizing the new church in 1892. Julia Harmon Rogers remembers that the members were “plain country folks – they lived on small farms and were generally poor with big families. Horeb was one of five churches served by one preacher and had services on the second and fourth Sunday afternoons.” It remained part of the Lexington circuit until 1949.

Mt. Horeb’s previous sanctuary and fellowship hall were built by a member, Melvin Gunter, in 1971. The first service was held on December 24, 1972. With current membership growing to the point that folks were sitting in the aisles, the Faith Moves Mountains program completed construction of a new sanctuary and family life center in 2000.

In 1991 while serving as pastor to Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church, Rev. Franklin B. Buie prepared a History of Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church 1803-1991. This history contains papers prepared by and from information provided by members of the church whose families had been a part of Mt. Horeb for many years. Additional information for this history was found in an old church register, Mt. Horeb Methodist Episcopal Church, South Carolina Register of Members. The first member listed in this book was undated but appears to be from around 1894. Other member listings from this book were dated 1904, 1915, and 1918. A second church register contains information from the 1890s through the early 1960s.

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Pastor: Rev. Jeff Kersey
Size: 2000+
Year Est: 1800