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The best timeshare exit option
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Gary Attkinson on July 10, 2022
my wife and I went to Daytona to see a race and got stuck staying in some dump of a hotel. then we got suckered into buying a points timeshare deal and didn't realize how expensive it would be overall. We discoverd that the fees went up and wouldnt stay the same like we were told. The salespeople also lied to us about how much it cost and did some fancy tricks to make it look like less money on paper when we got into it. After being at our wits end, we called cancel timeshare and are so glad they took on our situation. Cassidy is an amazing employee and should get a reward for taking care of me and Deb. Although the cancelling can take a little bit of time, its still the best route to go. This is the best company to go with. When we started looking wesley wanted to charge us over 10 grand. The newton team wanted almost 15k. Cancel timeshare did it for 299 per month for 12 payments.