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About Cantrell Christian Coaching - *Since I coach using Zoom without video or by using a conference call line, I can coach you where ever you are located in the USA. 

As a Certified Professional Coach (see certifications), I am passionate about coaching Christian women around Spiritual Formation. My purpose is to help you become aware of what your image of God is and subsequently aware of what you are believing about your identity. Kenneth Boa, in Conformed To His Image,  said that "Our image of God shapes our spiritual direction and future."

We all get some form of spiritual formation growing up, but what is it based on? Have you formed your view of God from opinions, TV, social media, books, philosophers, etc?  Is your view of God grounded on biblical truth?  Spiritual Formation coaching will help you clarify your theology on who God is to you, your faith, and it will help you discover how he has perfectly created you with regards to your values, talents, gifts, and strengths. Only then will you truly know your identity and be able to implement the uniquely created you into your career, purpose, and life.

Coaching is for you if you are healthy mentally, ready to move forward to achieve your career and life goals, have courage, are committed, can be honest with yourself and me, and are willing to hear the promptings of God.   My coaching is through Zoom without video or by phone.  My coaching is relaxed and totally confidential.  I also am a group coach.  I will discuss my fees on a 30-minute FREE Discovery Call which I would like to invite you to set up directly on my calendar:

About Claudia

Hello, I am Claudia Cantrell.  I grew up in Charlotte, NC, and accepted Christ at age ten. After graduating from Duke University, I practiced as a Physician Assistant for over 30 years in the medical areas of emergency/trauma, cardiology, electrophysiology, and orthopedic surgery.  I also worked in the medical device industry for a Fortune 500 company where I held a leadership role in both the United States and Europe.

After practicing clinical medicine for 30 years, I felt God had to have more for me.  I struggled with questions such as “Who am I?”, “What’s my purpose?”, and “What matters?”   After being led to attend the Halftime Institute in order to gain clarity, I knew God was calling me to be a Certified Professional Coach and to complete a book that I was writing that centered around my personal spiritual journey.   On my journey, I experienced a crisis of faith following a traumatic personal event. ( I hit the "wall”.   It was a place where God took me so I could come to the end of myself and see my pride. A place where my faith was shaken.   At that point, I was asking Him different questions such as “What are You doing?”, “Where are You?”, and “What do you want from me?” Also, I was pleading with Him to end my pain.  I just wanted to die.

It took time for me to get through the "wall."  But, on the other side, I knew my true self in Christ which I had never known before.   I knew my identity and how He had "wired" me. No longer did I doubt God's goodness and His deep love for me. My life was no longer about me and all about Him.  I emerged on the other side of the "wall" with a strong and secure faith that I never questioned again, was more humble, and much more merciful. I saw everyone through the eyes of God and my judgmental spirit was gone.  I loved deeper, was more vulnerable, took risks, and was more obedient to God’s promptings.  It was worth all the excruciating pain and I knew my purpose.

Today, I am a Certified Professional Coach, a Halftime Certified™ Coach, and a Spiritual Formation Coach. I am passionate about helping you grow in your spiritual journey and intimacy with God and help you go from success in your career to significance in your next season of life.  I founded Cantrell Christian Coaching and am a Christian conference speaker and author of Sacred Love; A Journey of Singleness, Belonging, and Finding True Love.  I am able to coach you through Cantrell Christian Coaching and the Halftime Institute (

My career experience both inside and outside the corporate world allows me to have a rich and varied perspective when coaching.  My personal mission statement is “to help others clarify their theology, know their true selves in Christ, and discover their unique identity and purpose.”

I have maintained my Physician Assistant certification so that I can use my clinical skills when my husband, Dr. David Cantrell, and I go on medical mission trips. We live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, and have two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. I enjoy traveling, snorkeling, walking, baking, and interior design.

Colossians 4:17: “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfill it.”  NASB



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