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As a Mortgage Advisor, I feel that a home is not only the largest liability, but also the largest investment, most people will ever have.  More importantly is that behind every home is a homeowner’s personal story.  I feel it is my job to learn their story and see what options there are that potentially could help them begin bringing their story to life.  

I cannot do it all on my one, so I bring in other professionals they work with, like their CPA, Insurance Agent and/or Financial Planner, to make sure we begin with a solid plan from the beginning.

The home loan process is overwhelming as it is, so I prepare a personalized Total Cost Analysis for them to view their options in a way to make a clear, transparent, and well-informed educated decision.   Completely integrated into their overall financial plan they see a side by side breakdown of each option, including what is expected at closing and equity and debt requirements.

Once we put their plan into action annually on the anniversary of their mortgage I will complete an annual mortgage review.  In this review session we will review their plan, their current mortgage, and see if anything has changed in their life.  If any changes need to be made we will reach out to the appropriate professional(s) for assistance to get their plan back on track.

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Business Contact: Troy Root
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