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Betty H. - Coalinga, CA on August 06, 2017
"When I first met them I had extremely difficult decisions to make regarding placement I an extended care facility for my husband. On top of that I was also grieving for the situation we found ourselves in. It was difficult for me to make decisions, which would determine the direction of my life would take as well as my husbands. These two caring people patiently and lovingly helped me with all my options and guided me step by step to make the right decisions. I can't thank them enough for being there fro me when I was so devastated. I will be forever grateful to both of them."

Jimmie S. - CLovis, CA on August 06, 2017
"Just have to tell you how grateful we are for all the help you've given our family in 'squaring away' our future. Your knowledge has changed our lives! My wife actually thought that if I died first, she'd be sitting on the curb too poor to survive. We are so relieved. You were able to show us what to do."

Roy F. - San Francisco, CA on August 06, 2017
"It was a sincere pleasure to meet you... the information you supplied at the meeting was helpful and its assurance that you guided my mother correctly through this difficult process. I also want to thank you for showing my mother such sensitivity during this very challenging time for her."

Jenifer T. - Porterville, CA on August 06, 2017
"Very helpful. Explaining all aspects to me as the process is moving forward. Grateful for the wealth of knowledge..."

Melody B. - Fresno, CA on August 06, 2017
"When my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's my grandmother and I went looking for the right person to help weed through all the extensive paperwork. There were so many unknowns to us, financially, emotionally and we were really unsure who to go to. We were recommended to Greg by a friend. The first visit we had my grandmother and I sat out in the waiting room and picked up a book that was filled with thank you notes... handwritten thank you notes and cards that accompanied photographs, all talking about how much Greg had done for their family, all the time and support he provided. I read every one of them and when I closed the book I felt so much relief. I consider Greg and his support staff friends of the family. He went out of his way to not just get things done but to make sure we were all comfortable and understood what the next steps would be. No matter how many times we asked him to explain it to us again, he would. Thank you Greg, your family and your support staff for all you've done and continue to do!"

Jane H. - Coalinga, CA on August 06, 2017
"Thanks to both of you for all your help. We did not know what to do or how to begin. You explained everything so well and held mom's hand through the whole application process. We always left your office feeling at ease. Now mom can visit dad and still enjoy her life."

Carol V. - Fresno, CA on August 06, 2017
"My sister and I didn't know where to turn when our mother became ill. The savings she had were being spent at an alarming rate, and about the time we were thinking of putting her into a nursing care facility, we were told to contact Greg Steen for help. Greg showed us how to protect the assets she had left and took care of getting her appraised for Medi-Cal. The Medi-Cal process is a nightmare, I would hate to have had to get all of the paperwork done by ourselves. It was a comfort to know that going forward this is something I never have to deal with. Greg has made life much easier and he was a pleasure to work with!"

Judy F. - Fowler, CA on August 06, 2017
"Just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me. Greg, I was so lucky to meet you when I worked at the center. You have really gotten me through so many things. I cant thank you enough. Patty, I have really enjoyed knowing you. You helped raise my spirit when dealing with Helen. Thank you both for so much."

Joe F. - Fresno, CA on August 06, 2017
"It is my privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Steen & Company. My sister saw an advertisement for Steen & Company and enrolled us in a seminar presented by Greg Steen. Greg did an outstanding job presenting many facts about Long Term Care and Medi-Cal. My sister and I were so misinformed about Long Term Care and Medi-Cal until we attended this seminar. Within three months after the seminar, and with the professionalism, the patience, caring leadership and guidance of the entire staff, we were able to protect my mother's assets and enroll her in the Medi-Cal program. This program will save my mother thousands of dollars over the next few years. I am grateful for the partnership that we have developed with Steen & Company. They have made our life so much easier and they are available to guide us throughout the process."

Jodi C. - Avila, CA on August 06, 2017
"Dear Greg, Julia and I want you to know how much we appreciate the time and effort you have expended on us as clients. Even our attorney marveled at how well we have "handled” things and said that there was nothing left to do! Thanks you also for the birthday chocolates, very enjoyable."