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2050 N Loop W #110 Houston, TX 77018
Work Phone: 713-682-8600
Cell Phone: 832-444-3785
Church Partner: Houston's First Baptist Church
About Us

 What differentiates Integrity Insurance Solutions?


Innovation:  Proprietary Automation


We facilitate and expedite the marketing of all lines of Property and Casualty Insurance with Our software and create a path that investigates and identifies the most probable and competitive Insurance Carrier for each risk placement


Streamlining: The Marketing of Every Account


Marketing every account through a search engine significantly reduces the overhead time requirement, increasing the efficiency of both the Agent and the Carrier underwriting consideration. This translates to transparency and efficiency to our Clients.  We virtually eliminate the current manual process of numerous phone calls, research and written correspondence. Utilizing our data source will dramatically and instantly cut your risk management and due diligence cost - while providing evidence of diligent market research.


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Our Team
Name Email Phone
Claudia Suazo- Account Manager 713-682-8600
Eric Grunwald- VP Producer 713-682-8600
Sandra Ping- Account Manager 713-682-8600

Additional Details
Business Contact: Jacquelyn Kingsbury
Title: President/Owner

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8 am to 8pm and by appointment

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